Copywriting Concept


Copywriting Simply means, using your written words to start, extend or enhance your relationship With a customer. That's include "sales Machine in print."

Copywriting means using your written words to build a relationship with a customer

For example written words on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, blog post that’s your viewers/audience to start or enhance a relationship.

It’s all about using your written words to start a communication with people for example through your social media platforms and getting conversion..

That’s all hope of copywriting.

Communication is everything whether you’re selling a physical products/services or a blogger, if you can communicate well through your written words, then you can reach out to people and then you can get conversion.

Which means means communication is the key, which means communication equals wealth.

Good Copywriting will target the emotion, when you target someone emotion, then u get them into action.

And that action you should mean buying, signing up to landing page or optin..

That action is the essence of going from content, taking action into CONVERSION.

Good Copywriting reaches out and catches people..


The short and simple answer to that question is..

Copywriting is the foundation of anything.

Both business in fact anything.

Since communication is everything, copywriting is attributed to a perfect written communication.

Every industry, businesses no matter the size needs copywriting..

If you need connection, then you need copywriting.

Nollywood needs copywriting.. That’s why you end up watching 10 movies in a day, because of the story lines, and the headlines..

Samsung needs copywriting, that’s why they can easily convince you to buy Samsung S8+ when you have galaxy j7


Copywriting is the foundation especially if you’re selling anything and connecting people..

Copywriting helps you to sell, to get more followers, to fill your training group, to have more Traffic to your website..

To get more clicks, it helps you to sell more an affiliate partner..

In conclusion, copywriting is very important to everyone business.

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You’re stuck, Aren’t You?

You’re staring at your ad copy and trying to think of what words to use to sell your offer.

You feel the pressure of whether or not the words you choose will convince people to buy..

Or will your ad campaign just be another complete failure because you’re not confident in writing persuasive copy?

“Only time will tell”, you say to yourself as you publish your ad.

After your ad gets approved all you hear are…


Not a single sale.

Is it your offer, or is your ad copy?

You sweat, followed by the famous question of… “WHAT DID I DO WRONG??”

Well, lean in a bit closer while I whisper a little secret to you… “Most likely you have a COPYWRITING problem”.

If your audience can’t connect with your copy, they can’t connect with your offer.

That’s why every marketer would agree that the most effective marketing skill to master is: Writing copy that sells.

Copywriting simply means, selling in written form.

Let me share with you the 5 Best Copywriting Tips and they’re the “Game changer”

  1. Always Break your copies into chunks and consumable portions. This is where many people miss the game, instead of arranging your copy into a mere paragraph which will left your reader so bored to read through, its recommended to break then into chunks and consumable portions to enable your readers to enjoy your content and to read through the end.
  2. Always Focus on what your customers needs , their pain points and their emotions. Stop making the mistakes of talking and focusing on you and about your business, Your customers doesn’t care about that, therefore its recommended to talk and focus on the readers emotions and that will persuade them to take action.
  3. Use your copy to disturb your audience to buy. believing in your products, copy or services and put it in front of your customers. This simply means giving our healthy information that will add value to your reader’s life and make them see the reason to buy or to do business with you after reading your copy.
  4. Use the words connecting strategy to drag the reader to read to the angle and to the CTA. This is very important and by words connecting strategy implies the No. 1 point above. Breaking your copies in chunks and into a consumable portions, and each chunks connects to the next line making it more interesting for your readers to read through and enjoy your copy and that would prompt them to take action by hitting your CTA [ Call-To-Action].
  5. Make sure you have CTA and always make sure your CTA is at the end of the copy. Don’t assume that your readers are wise and that they know what to do after reading, Always give them an action to take, always make your CTA visible and clearly written, you can even you sione emoji to demonstrate and direct your reader on where exactly to click.


These are the 3 common mistakes you don’t know you’re making when writing a copy.

  1. Talking about yourself or other business way too much. This is an error, because the moment you starts talking much about your business, company or other businesses, Boom! [ you just lose a customer] therefore use your copy to talk about your customers and how you can help them solve their problems.
  2. Language. Stop making the mistakes of speaking in your own language other than your customer’s language. For example: When you focus much in the area of professional as you are, Don’t forget that most of your readers does not or may not see it that way. it’s recommended to speak in the language that your readers will understand, and that will help you to connect with them and to get them engaged to more.
  3. Not Leading..Always lead in your copy. don’t be too pushy to answer all the questions in a row, always get the readers curious to learn More. and this will increase the clicks on your CTA after reading and this will boost your sales or sign ups as your ads goal or objectives.


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