5 Reasons why many people failed in Social Media Marketing…

Today am going to share with you 5 reasons why many people failed on their journey to social media marketing..


1. People failed because they’re only being a “taker” than a “giver ”

This means, they’re much more interesting in the money they want to make from social media {from their audience}, rather than what their followers can gain from their contents.

This is very wrong, for example, people are asking me, why do I share a Lot of great & valuable contents for free?

This is because i understand the power of being giver than a taker.

Tips, sharing or giving free contents doesn’t stop me from making money & growing unless you have few contents or outdated knowledge about social media , and it ginger me to increase my knowledge base. You too can the same.


2. Many people failed because they choose selling to their audience over relationship.

This is also wrong, especially if you must succeed in social media marketing, the right thing to do is to choose relationships over selling.

When it comes to social media marketing, you should bear in mind to build a great rapport with your audience, followers, let them have a good perception about you, your business /brand.

Building relationship is building trust, building awareness and letting them know why they should trust and keep following you.

Bear in mind, it works the same on all the social media platforms you might be using.


3. Most people failed because they lack the understanding of why people are buying something.

Is a fact that you can’t take away selling something to your audience, and this is why most people on social media despite having huge followers yet still can’t sell anything to them.

Remember, huge followers is not huge money until you’re able to convert them into money.


You must understand the kind of audience you have {understanding your customer} this will help you to know the kind of items they’re willing to buy.

You can do this by running a poll to your audience.

You must understand why people are paying money for a certain items, why people are buying from your competitors and not from you,

So many people lacks this knowledge and that’s why they’re not able to sell anything to their huge/massive followers.


4. Many people failed because they keep changing concept of their content, so their followers/audience are confused and don’t know what they’re offering.

They don’t understand the social media insights and analytics to track down what is working and what’s not working.


Keep doing what’s working, keep eyes on the insights and don’t forget to be the best you can be.

5. Most people failed because their content/offers lacks human experience.


This means, whatever you have to offer, your users should have & feel the human experience, don’t just throw your contents, your product pictures on the social media hoping that people gonna read and like it, they must feel your presence while using your contents.

Finally, most people failed because they treat their followers like a number and not like humans.


This is very similar to the above mentioned.,this means, whenever you present a content, people started commenting, liking and sharing, even some may drop questions, and you don’t care to give reply to your audience comments and questions, no signs that you’re seeing their messages and engagements, the chances of losing their interest on your offer is very high.


Try to reply all messages, comments, acknowledgement the likes and appreciate those that shared your contents.

By doing so, you’re engaging them the more.


In conclusion:


Be more of giving to your audience than taking, build a rapport before selling to them, understand why they’re buying and what they’re willing to pay for, track your success and stick to what’s working for you, treat your audience like humans and not a number, also let them feel the human experience other than just on social media.

I want to believe that this article will path way for your success on social media marketing. And if it does, DO ME JUST 1 FAVOUR..



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