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pitch success in business & learn How to launch a new business, launch a website and then learn how to run Facebook ads, how to create social media content, how to market, how to negotiate, How to structure your business, How to hire the right people, How to build and manage your team, How to build and strengthen your network etc.

we discovered the most efficient ways to grow a business, We brings Businesses more Customers Via Facebook Ads.

we're professional teams and Leading experts in Digital Solutions

We’re Experts in Leads generating, Copywriting, Sales & Marketing solutions, Branding, Content creation, Facebook & Instagram Ads that convert,Web & Mobile App design/development etc.

Web Design Training, Digital Marketing and Tutorials

Whether you want to design and create a website for the first time or you’ve been designing websites for years, our expert-taught video tutorials have something for you. Learn to use WordPress.

Whether you have creative skills or Not, Whether you have an in-depth background in web marketing and communication Not,

We Got you Covered.

Our The Digital master Course in Web and Digital Marketing is the course you’re looking for. The aim of the Digital Master’s course is the creation of different professional,websites, Social profiles capable of planning, producing and sharing through the online communities a new generation of content and services.

The program offers an experimental pathway at the forefront of design, marketing and technology and in web development.

As the user experience is increasingly developing through social media, this scenario is deeply investigated with specific regard to the navigation flow between websites and search/social platforms and vice versa.

The overall didactic experience and a final three-six months internship provide the students with the professional abilities that allow them to engage in dialogue with the different figures involved in digital media projects.

The 12-months of the Digital Master Course in web and digital design is aimed at graduates in media studies, communication and graphics, it sciences, design or architecture and their equivalents or candidates who have gained significant professional experience in the field. The Course offers also an intensive training course, designed for candidates with a vast experience to Pitch any type of audience across industries.

What will you learn in this Digital Marketing Training?

You will learn how to use online marketing tools like: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Analytics, Email marketing, Social media Marketing, SEO Copywriting, Content Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc to boost brand popularity, attract new customers and increase revenue.

It’s also goes into how to use the above tools to set up online reputation management system for any company in anywhere across the globe.

After going through this digital marketing training course. you will be shown how to implement it in your business or any business step by step and see drastic success. It will also prepare you to set up your own digital marketing company or internet marketing agency.

There are so many worthless theoretical Digital marketing courses out there, but we decided to take the route that will benefit our students the most only if you’re action Taker.

Are you an ACTION TAKER? If yes, take action now by Clicking on the button somewhere below and join the Digital Marketing “Game Changer” to take your business to the whole new level.

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If you have a website and which to convert into an app, or want to build any mobile app of any kind, we’re here for you.

We also train you on how to become an app developer within 48 hours.

we’ll design or redesign a modern full mobile and tablet friendly website for your business, As a business ourselves, we are perfectly placed to offer you the services you need to get your business site online.

From the most flexible Business Training Packages, we have trained over 2000 successful Students across industries & niches.

Whether you have a fresh idea, we’ll help you to convert it into a business opportunity.

Even if you don’t have any idea, We’ll help to come up with ideas from your passion etc.

Mini importation/drop shipping

Join our team of professional importers and drop shippers to crush the business with with ease or lets help you in sourcing and procuring products for you.

Full tutorials [ over 36 Videos hot Practicals] on how to develop & design any type of website using WordPress from scratch to finishing. Just for ₦2,500 Today.


we discovered the most efficient ways to grow a business, We brings Businesses more Customers Via Facebook Ads.

You’ll earn 10x More when you become Ads guru.

Facebook sponsored Ads




This level is for anyone who’s looking for a successful & profitable Facebook ads to be setup on their behalf…

Social Media Marketing




This service plan is limited in handling your business on social media Facebook/Instagram…

Social Media Marketing &Training

Minister Pro

Minister Pro


This service plan includes all in the “Minister level” plus general Training and Coaching on…





This Service plan includes the packages on both “MINISTER & MINISTER PRO” plus general…

[Video Practicals}




If you’re looking for someone teach you how to build, design or redesign any type of website using WordPress…



There is nothing more HEARTBREAKING than spending hours in creating a Facebook advert and investing thousands of hard earned money into it to push out your business and make the sales that you’ve always dreamed all for it to result to NOTHING.

After reading this article , put an END to unprofitable ads and learn all the insiders’ secrets and pro-secrets on detailed targetingcost effective budgeting, ads strategy and how to create contents that will take your Business to a whole new, totally unexpected LEVEL.

Learn How To write an ad copy that sells.

If your audience couldn't connect with your copy, they can't connect with your offer. That's why every marketer would agree that the most effective marketing skill to master is: Writing copy that sells.

We Help small business owners to scale up and to grow their businesses, by offering the following services…
1. web development and designing, [ we also train you to become a developer]
2. Mobile App development and designing [ we also train you to become a developer]
3. Copywriting services [ we also train you to become a paid copywriter. You will learn how to use your written words to compel people to take action.]
4. Business coaching [ Mainly online businesses]
5. Social media Marketing services and training.[ we can handle your business on social media or train you to become social Media Guru.]
6. Facebook/instagram Ads[ we handle your Facebook/instagram Ads and train you on how to do that more effectively and how you can setup a profitable Facebook, Google and Youtube ads.]
7. Mini importation Guides and product procurements services[ we train and guide you and we procure  hot selling products products for you..]
8. General Business consultations services.[ This services is based on business development & Management and generally in all aspect of business.]

9. Digital Marketing solutions and many more.


This totally depends on the type of website and the also the mobile app.In this aspect, we offer 2 services here, either to develop your web/app, or to teach you how to do about it, and the prices differs and are not stable because sometimes we do run promo,therefore contact us for the best prices. Click here to get Quotation

For copywriting, we either help you in writing your business copies,we have a mazing team that are committed in writing a compelling copies for your business adverts or proposal.

For social Media Marketing services and training,we’re experts in handling and promoting your business on all social medias and as well to training you on how to become a social Media Manager. Check Pricing


Digital Marketing is a means/process of performing your marketing and advertisements using digitals means, whereas social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing, but limited to promoting and marketing using social media Platforms like Facebook etc.

Yes, you can hire our team to handle your business in any ot the related services as mentioned above, Click here to HIRE

Let’s make your Creative vision come true, Lets Build, Develop, Design or Redesign your website.


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