How to become a paid Copywriter.

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If You Want To Get Into Copywriting, or you Want To Learn How To get paid as a Copywriter? I am sharing with you few tips to help you get started.

My Name is Kalu Ajah Uduma, [ Kind in leads generating, a copywriter, Digital Marketing specialist & a web developer]

You know most people are so worried about the following when thinking of getting started in becoming a copywriter,[ Remember that copywriting is a skill that allows you to sell anything to anyone using a written word] but am going to help you in answering some questions and give you some tips that will help you in making that final decision today.

As beginner, let’s consider the following tips to help you get started.

1.Your desire[passion] becoming a copywriter is much more important than your degree.

Don’t be intimidated if you are not a university graduate, because those academic writings skills we learnt in school does not really apply in copywriting.

Copywriting is a kind of writing that is designed to sell, to convert a prospect into a customer, to Influence and to engage. That is why if any company decides to hire a copywriter, they’re not after his/her degree, rather what they’re after is if your copy can produce a result.

2. Master the short form copy before learning the long form copy.

This is because, as beginner, writing long form copy can knock you out of points, therefore focusing on the short form to build your confidence based on your clients/readers responses.

By Short form copy I mean like writing a copy for google ads, Twitter or facebook ads, While long form copy could mean drafting a script for seminars, movies etc..

3. Spend only 25% of your time in writing, and 75% of your time in researching..

This the major mistakes made by newbies often, they easily get excited and jump unto their computer to write, without first to figure out the needs of their clients, their problem , their pain points and their most threatening challenges. Once you understands those facts, then you can easily right to grab their attention.

Researching will help you to draft out a message that will speak directly to your readers, a copy that will seems like customized for the readers and that is the only reason why they will take action.[ This is because you’re not writing to yourself.]

4. Write exactly the way you talk/speak

This means, when you are writing a copy, you should picture yourself like talking one on one to the readers, like if you are talking face to face with them, This is one of the most important skill in copywriting, because writing a copy means connecting with your clients/readers, Also make you copy in a way that when your clients/reader are reading, they will almost feel you talking to them.[ They should feel like hearing a voice speaking to them while reading your copy].

This is why copywriting is quite different from other writings, because in copywriting, I always advise my students to use one sentence paragraph, even one word paragraph, which is not proper in the normal academic writings that we learnt in school.

This is because, in copywriting, you’re writing to persuade, influence and to engage your readers.[ to sell and to close a prospect]

Most Importantly, when writing a copy, project your minds, feelings etc like you’re writing/talking to one person than making it sounds like you’re writing/talking to the crowd. This means you should minimize the use of words like[ WE,OUR ETC] I recommend using words like [ I,YOU…] Make it like one on one conversation with your readers.

5. Build your own Library files.

It’s not about creativity for the sake of creativity. Most beginners makes this big mistakes of trying to create or start a copy from a blank sheet, it’s very difficult that way, This is because most people are trying to imagine or write a copy that no one has never come up with, if that is your case, then you will lose it.

Building your own Library files could be gathering the list/bunch of successful copies in your industries or the niche you’ll be reading to, that has produced results over the years and file them up in your library, so future reference or something similar than that.

In conclusion, as beginner, keeping your minds and focus on the things that matters and putting in practice the above tips as i just shared will help you to get started. and if you want to me teach you and guide you with the advance steps and skills in getting high pay as a copywriter, consider using the below form to send me a direct message to my phone, i personally read every message.

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