How to get Dubai Working Visa in Nigeria

Dubai Visa tour for Nigerians

Today am going to share with you the FAST, EASY AND THE MOST AFFORDABLE way of getting DUBAI WORKING VISA.

This is how we offer the package, the visa is 90 days tourist for 198,000 Naira and this package is for those who are travelling with an intention to work in Dubai.

Once you get the visa, we’ll help you to secure a job in dubai, then once you’re employed, your employer will now issue you an employment visa which is your residence visa.

That’s just the simple way we offer the package our clients.. very fast and affordable. And the visa will be ready within 48 hours to 4 working days after Application.

Then for us to help you secure a job over there, you will deposit additional N100,000 [ THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND COMPULSORY]

The N100,000 is to be use to pay an agent for quick job, And if by any means YOU get A job without agent, you will take back your N100,000, if agent collects less than N100,000, you will have your balance, then if the agent fee go above N100,000, then you will balance up.

For Accommodation..

Every traveller always go with their travelling pocket money, [ PTA] from your PTA, you will pay for 1 month bed space, where you will stay until the agent gets you the job. Once u get job your employer will now provide you an accommodation which is included in the working contracts and agreements as per UAE Law.

I hope is clear now. And i want to to believe that you understand the process, is very simple, fast and above all very much affordbale,

I make the article because almost everybody coming to our office are shouting for Dubai working visa, some say Dubai working Permit a while some say Dubai employment visa, Therefore whichever way you understand it, Its just the same thing, and the above process is how we offer the package.

Requirements for Application:

There are no much requirements, Because we ” Holix Travels and Tour” as your agent will provide all the needed, you will be required to provide the following only.

  1. A clearly scanned copy of your international passport [ COLOURED ] and the passport must be valid at least 6 months prior to its expiring date.
  2. White background passport photograph [ 2 copies].

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