Rain Soul – Farewell to Ulcer

New Ulcer Treatment Discovered, 100% SOLUTIONS TO ULCER.

This is what you need to Cure Your Stomach Ulcer Permanently and put to end all the pain, discomfort and  torture of ulcer.

If you have Ever  experience the following, then you need Rain Soul to Smile Again to life.

  • If you have  ever rolled on the floor, holding your belly in pains in the middle of the night and feeling uncomfortable and perhaps thinking  you’re about to die?
  • Has your ulcer resulted in any of the following conditions: loss of appetite, Gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen,  nausea, vomiting, bloating and weight loss?
  • If the symptoms of your ulcer subside like it’s gone, only to come back in a bigger and more painful manner…
  • If you are looking for a permanent cure to ulcer, or you’re fed-up because they said that ulcer has no Cure…

Then let me show you how we have been able to help so may ulcer patient like to you over the challenges thus living a happy and ulcer free life.

Rain Soul Supplement Powerful Superfood that ends your struggles with Ulcer, No matter how long you have been suffering withth the aliment.


A mind blowing testimonial from my own personal customer. I posted about our seed based nutrition on Facebook with a testimonial on leg ulcer and it picked the interest of a lady who had a wound that refuses to go and water dripping out of it for the past 7 years that is, since 2013. She has been passing through pains, it affected her movement and have gone to places, spent a lot of money, can no longer do her house chores with ease. She contacted me and i sent the product to her and after a week of using soul one in the morning and one at night and also applied on the surface of the wound just like I told her, the pains gone, the wound that refused to heal with water dripping out of it, started healing, the water that was dripping stopped, she started doing house chores normal again which she couldn't do and she felt strong inside of her. She is still on her first box of soul as the wound is healing and planning to get a second box. Thank you Rain International for saving lives, am proud to be your pa
Jane Austin
fashion blogger

Benefits and why you need Rain Soul

  • HUGE SOURCE OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES. We’ve got you covered with your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. Every pouch of SOUL is crammed with 8-10 servings of fruit, 8-10 servings of vegetables, and 2-3 servings of healthy fats. No more thinking about where you’re going to get your required vitamins and minerals.
  • POWERHOUSE SEEDS. The reason RAIN soul supplements are so powerful is because of the extremely high nutrition value of seeds. We go to the source of the nutrients by cold-pressing seeds to extract as much value as possible. In each pouch of SOUL is a potent combination of fruit, fats, and vegetables — exactly what your body needs every day!
  • OUR SOUL IS GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL. With powerful antioxidants, free radical reduction, and minor muscle pain relief, SOUL rain is the ideal supplement to give you a boost or repair your body after exercise. Our SOUL drink is also a dense source of omegas and phytonutrients to provide your body with needed natural healthy fats.
  • EASY TO USE. RAIN SOUL isn’t like other supplements. It’s so easy to use and take with you anywhere. Simply shake, rip, and drink. is perfect for consuming on the go, at work, home, or any place where you need a boost. While extremely easy to take by itself, you can also mix them into foods like smoothies or yogurt — it’s up to you!
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED INGREDIENTS. In each of our SOUL rain packets are powerful soul seeds to supercharge your body. SOUL contains Black Cumin, Black Raspberry, Grape Seed, and D-Ribose. Together, these ingredients offer the nutrients your body needs to combat free radicals and promote a healthy immune system.

Why You should buy from us


The Core soul Discovery & PH Balance.

Rain Core was discovered by Dr. Susan Mattes, Bostian Whole Food Nutrition Educator Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner.

Anything that is liquid has relative level of
acidity or alkalinity…including your body. We
measure this on a scale of 0 to 14, with 7.0
being neutral (or often referred to as “basic”)
pH (potential hydrogen) in the human
body refers to how oxygen rich the fluid is…the
higher the pH reading, the more alkaline
/oxygen rich you are. The lower the pH or
reading, the more acidic or oxygen deprived
you are.


Here are just a few health issues that are often the result of system that is NOT balanced:

Hormone concerns/disorders
• Cardiovascular weakness
• Weight gain/loss
• Bladder and kidney concerns
• Immune deficiency
• Acceleration of free radical damage
• Structural system weakness,
including brittle bones, hip
fractures and joint discomfort
• Stressed liver function
• Low energy/adrenal fatigue
Slow digestion and elimination
• Yeast/fungal overgrowth
• Tumor growth
• Premature aging
• Cognitive impairment..

Benefits and why you need Rain Soul

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I have always enjoyed good health until my late 30's when I noticed that I wasn't always so strong. I had challenge with sleeping no matter how early or late I go to bed. Work stress easily took a toll on me. I also have been managing ulcer and stomach disorder challenges since 2003 with different medications and a routine lifestyle without very good results. I was introduced to Rain Soul by my wife and for the two years I have been using #Soul, my #immunity improved tremendously. I have more energy. I am able to #focus on my #business and handle stress much more easily. Insomnia & Ulcer have #resolved #naturally and easily plus I enjoy all round #wellness.. Thank you!



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