What is Copywriting?

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Copywriting is the ability to use written words to persuade someone to take an action. The action Could be responding to a message you wrote, it could be to purchase your products, It could be click here or learn more.

It could also be defined as the ability To Persuade – To Influence and To Engage.
Copywriting is not just about writing, but is all about influencing and closing.
Copywriting has a lot to do with selling & Closing and has very little to do with writing.

If copywriting has much to do with writing as thought by many people perhaps including you, Then all professors and the university graduates would have been successful copywriters.
Do you know that copywriters are among the highest paid in the world. Yet, most people Perhaps including you don’t know that this skill exist.

It will shock you that almost everything you spend your money to buy today, is because a good copywriter is behind the scene, the movies you enjoy watching is because a good copywriter wrote the script, you choose your favorite brands because they’re passing to you the compelling and persuading messages written by a good copywriter, including the newspaper you read or the Tv shows you are watching right now.

Copy writing is an evergreen skill/profession, that never die, and is a flexible skill that can fetch you money across industries.

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