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web & App design services

We offer web and app designing services .Responsive and Mobile friendly website with minimal design starting from ₦25, 000

Frequently asked questions

We Help small business owners to scale up and to grow their businesses, by offering the following services…
1. web development and designing, [ we also train you to become a developer]
2. Mobile App development and designing [ we also train you to become a developer]
3. Copywriting services [ we also train you to become a paid copywriter]
4. Business coaching [ Mainly online businesses]
5. Social media Marketing services and training.[ we can handle your business on social media or train you to become social Media Guru.]
6. Facebook/instagram Ads[ we handle your Facebook/instagram Ads and train you on how to do that more effectively.]
7. Mini importation Guides and product procurements services[ we train and guide you and we procure products for you..]
8. General Business consultations services.[ This services is based on business development & Management and generally in all aspect of business.]

9. Digital Marketing and solutions.

This totally depends on the type of website and the also the mobile app.In this aspect, we offer 2 services here, either to develop your web/app, or to teach you how to do about it, and the prices differs and are not stable because sometimes we do run promo,therefore contact us for the best prices. Click here to Contact us 

For copywriting, we either help you in writing your business copies,we have a mazing team that are committed in writing a compelling copies for your business adverts or proposal.

For social Media Marketing services and training,we’re experts in handling and promoting your business on all social medias and as well to training you on how to become a social Media Manager.

Digital Marketing is a means/process of performing your marketing and advertisements using digitals means, whereas social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing, but limited to promoting and marketing using social media Platforms like Facebook etc.

Yes, you can hire our team to handle your business in any ot the related services as mentioned above, Click here to contact us.

For all kinds of business services and training,. Contact Us

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Plans Overview


This service plan is limited in handling your business on social media Facebook/instagram. This includes Creating and managing your business pages, placing and running promotion/ads on your page, while you will be responsible for the ads budget. Service durations 5 months.


This service plan includes all in the “Minister level” plus general training and coaching on how to become a social Media Manager. 

The service duration is 7 Months


This Service plan includes the packages on both “MINISTER & MINISTER PRO” plus general mentoring including Copywriting training, Web/App development and designing training, and it come with a bonus of  a free registered domain{.com.ng extension].

The service Duration is 12 months.

Service fee normally 20,000 but now on discount 11,900

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