How to grow your online Business Faster.

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If you have been thinking on how to grow your business online, consider to read this post.

Learn from my past mistakes, remember, for whatever business you’re into, it’s growth depends on customers {clients}.

Having said that, for you to grow the business, you need some tools as follows :

Landing page.

This could be your website or your social media business pages.

Now hear this..

If you have Facebook page, you need followers, and the best way to get followers to your page is either via paid ads to promote your page likes button, or by constantly creating a content to attract and keep your audience from Facebook.

Facebook page is very important even if have website, because you can be sending traffic to the site via the page also, that’s where u will be running ads/ promotion from..


As you’re building your mobile customer list, always try to entice them to like your page after one or 2 encounter, because u might loose those contacts on phone, but can’t follow ur followers on Facebook unless otherwise.

I made this mistake and i lost over 1000 customer phone numbers just to start from scratch. {don’t make such mistake}


Is very important to add a blog to your website even if it’s eccommerce, because your blog content can be a stepping stone to bring traffic to your website, thus exposing them to your products/offer.

NOTE:You don’t just have a blog, rather creating useful and relevant contents to attract the useful and needed audience.


In order to get and keep your audience data, then u need to apply a measure to practice email marketing, this is the best way to build rapport and relationship with your subscribers, thus standing a chance of selling to them.

I will stop here for now, i hope this helps.. If it does, share and comment below let’s hear your opinion..
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