This why your CV is not getting you any Job and Interviews…

Job Phone Interviews

Listen to this, is time you draw the line clearly here to know where your problem is coming from.

I want to share with you some points that will exposed to you how to always win and get more With your CV.

It will benefit you a whole lot if you read this most to the end. And I will be explaining more with a voice note on the Instagram chatroom.

Let’s dive in!

If you’re a career person looking for job, you could either be facing these 2 things..

1. Is either your CV is not landing you an opportunity for interviews or

2. Perhaps you have been invited for several interviews and you failed…

Can we fix these challenges yes!. Keep reading.

Let’s start from the 1st point.

Most people that complains about their CV not landing them any job interview, listen very carefully…

If your CV is not landing you to any interview, 2 things might be responsible and will explain it quickly..

{A.}Do you know that in every Job position you might be applying with your CV, has certain criteria and must contain or requires certain keywords in your CV.?

And you only have 1 CV format applying for all the different kinds of positions {you’re making the mistake}

Hear this, for example, if you want to apply for a post of “customer service ” have u taken few mins to research the global requirements for such position? And also narrow it down to the geographical requirements, perhaps in your country?

Before any company will invite you for an interview, your CV must have passed their standard set, and they might have seen the potential in you as the ideal applicant via your Cv.

Therefore, go back and make the necessary research then reformat your CV.

Also make sure your that the names & the major information on your CV reflects with your social media profiles, because they might trace you to your social media accounts to see how you appear their and kind of activities you’re involved in.. {very important} .

{B.} Most people complaining that their CV after submitting doesn’t yield results to go interview, whereas they have just failed the very first{primary} interviews unawares.. I will explain now.

Do you know that most phone calls you pick and at the end you’ll say is a wrong number are actually the company calling you {to have the first set of the interview on the phone}

Now this is why you said is wrong number. If you applied for a job position {customer service} which communication skill is a must, and your CV states that you have excellent communication skills, Now the company{via the hiring manager, etc} is trying to test your approach on handling clients on the phone, when they call you, the way you picked up the phone, lousily, no courteousnes, no sign of been professional as your CV claimed, because you don’t know who’s calling you.

In that situation, you failed the first set of the interview, actually they might be calling to invite you for the secondary interview, but you just failed the primary, and when you ask who is this, they’ll just quote any name, then you’ll say is a wrong number, they’ll hangup to try another applicant.

So always remain who you said you are., always be alert, always be that real you, that best you can be.. Most of you have failed many good opportunities via this tricks 👂 so stay alert.

I will stop here for now and i will post the part 2 talking about why you failed the face to face interview…

Stay tuned and remain connected.

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