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You’ll learn To build database Driven websites, Mobile Applications Even with Zero Coding Experience.

If you are searching for where to Learn how to Develop and design a responsive websites, Mobile Applications and How start a successful Social Media Marketing to grow your business or to help other businesses as an agency, you are reading from right source.

Our approach is different and we serve many industries, but we are not an agency that says “YES” to everybody.

If you are interested in more revenue, efficient conversion and online scalability, We might be the right pick for you!


At the end of the course, you’ll learn the following:

How to Build database Driven websites, Such as Schools, Hospital, Blogs, Ecom Store, Church Etc.

How to Manage any Database driven website.

You’ll be able to teach others on how to this on their own.

You’ll learn How to Build and design Mobile Application like a professional.

You’ll get access the App building software to create an unlimited apps and publish to Google Plays tore without paying a dime.

You’ll learn How to Turn any existing Website Into a hybrid App.

You’ll learn How to build single one page website and landing pages

You’ll learn How Track sales on any web page

You’ll learn How to purchase the right domain that suits your business.

You’ll learn How to accept payment on your website using services like Paystack, Flute wave or PayPal for live payment on your site.

You’ll learn How to see everyone visiting your website and track their behaviors and actions and never to lose a sale.

You’ll learn the Shortcut of importing thousands of free demo websites to make your work easy and which is time saving techniques.

You’ll learn my Secrets to pull down needed themes and plugins to that matches with your specific projects.

You’ll learn how to build sales funnels and landing pages. 

NOTE: You will get all the Above listed without  writing a single Code.


Facebook Advert.

✓ You’ll Learn the concept of Facebook Advertising From Scratch to End.

You’ll gain Access to one month Free Mentorship program from The the Instructor

You will have access to some of my Pro themes and script for free.

Also, You will be added  to our pro and private group on Facebook.

You’ll learn and how to write a compelling ads copies that will trigger sales.


This Course is for 




This course is for anyone who’s looking to start Web development Agency.

Anyone looking to learn how to develop websites, Mobile applications, and to learn how to design them.

Anyone who’s eager to learn everything concerning Facebook Ads from the Scratch to advance level.

Anyone who want grow his/her business digitally.

Whether you’re a guru, or just at the beginner level, there’s a wrapped package that you need to unveil from this Course to skyrock your skill as a web developer/designer.

Anyone looking to make passive income and to enhance his/her earnings online without hassle

Also, parents that wish their children to start a career in the Technical field either to become a developer or a programmer at the long-run should equally enroll their children.

Why You Need this Skill And why you Should Enroll this Course?

Have you been blowing money on Webinars  with little or no results?

Are you spending time and money? Like its not worth the stress? 
Would you rather Become a developer than being charged high in order to get your website up and running.
Are a freelancer or Drop-servicer with your clients demanding from you to develop their site, but those people in the service end up charging you more than you can possibly charge your client directly?
Are you a business owner or parent looking to master the web development skills or wishing your children to start  a career as a web Developer, App designer or as a social media manager?
Are you aiming to have a landing page[s] for your business or for your client and you’re NOT able to handle the project effectively?
Are you a Network Marketer with Longrich, Boss international, etc and urgently want people  to buy from you or Join your group/Team?
Are you looking for business idea that can fetch you money and thinking if these skills can be a lucrative one for your goal?
You’re are frustrated with Expenses on maintaining your site, or paying people to run ads on social media for your business, and you wish there’s something you can do in order to do it yourself to cut down your expenses in order to maximize your profits?
You’ve bought so many crap courses and eBooks on web developments, Mobile App Designing and  Digital Marketing yet you cant figure out  tangible progress in those efforts.
Worry No More, if you’re in any way affected by the above listed, This course is just what you need because…Is pure Practical, Yes I mean 100% practical, well detailed and clearly explained with examples, Guides, Tips and we offer you  a course manager, who’s always ready and available to attend to your questions in case you get lost while taking the course.


kalu AJAH

My name is Uduma Kalu Ajah

My Favorite Quote: “Do more than you ever thought possible. Have more impact than you ever imagined.”

I’m a digital entrepreneur I manage Facebook pages for business owners, I sell information product and physical products online,

 I’m Facebook Advertising expert and  Writer. I have trained and mentored over 200 business owners how to profitably use Facebook to grow their business and increase their customers base.

I’m Online Business Consultant, I have trained and mentored over 102 students on How to develop and design websites, I have equally designed over 27 websites and Mobile Apps for businesses.

As Web Developer, Has 4+ years experience in developing Web Applications, Maintaining and Updating existing Web Applications and databases with tools such as CPanel, PHPMyAdmin etc

My mission is to help small business owners perhaps like you to experience success in their businesses and to helps and to help organizations and /individuals to achieve their online advertising goals.

Has B.A. in Business Administration focused on Business Management.

Disclaimer & Warning. 

Do not Enroll or buy this course if…

✓ You’re NOT coachable.

✓ If you CAN NOT watch the videos and to replicate what is shown in the videos in order to get the result[ which means you have to practice what the instructor demonstrated in the videos.]

✓ If you DON’T understand simple English.

Let Me tell you how Best to enjoy this course.

For your information, Am giving you unlimited access to this course, which means, You’ll always rely on this course to handle your projects whenever you need guides. [ interesting right?]

Always get your pen and a notebook to make your notes, That is best way to learn.

When you watch each video, try to make a note in your own simple words, to translate the video contents into a post.

You can use the post to teach your students, post on your social media pages then it wont look like a copy and paste.[ This is my top secrets for you.]

Finally and most importantly, when working on your projects, watch the corresponding video from this course, always watch and pause to practice it, and then continue  watching..

Cheers and Enjoy your course. 

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How Do I MAKE PAYMENT and GET ACCESS To The Video Course And All Bonuses!

After Payment, send proof of payment to +2348028714513 on WhatsApp and immediately you get access to your course.

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